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Here at West End Trades Group, we pride ourselves on being a leading building contractor company in the UK, with a track record of excellence since 2014. Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in Activation, Retail, Hospitality contracting, & Luxury domestic work. We have a passion for bringing projects to life and transforming spaces to meet the needs and desires of our clients, whether it's a commercial establishment or a residential property.

Our founder, with a rich background in acting and the West End theatre scene, brings a unique perspective and creative flair to the company. His theatrical heritage has allowed us to establish a strong presence and become a trusted partner within the West End community. Our team's ability to blend practical construction solutions with artistic vision sets us apart from our competitors, making West End Trades Group the go-to choice for clients who appreciate a touch of creativity and originality.

With a focus on innovation and exceptional customer service, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for companies including Warner Bros, Netflix, BBC, Jess Weeks Interiors, Gary Beestone Associates & Entourage to name a few.

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West End Trades Group specialises in Activation work, heavily focusing on bringing Buildings, Events, and Immersive projects to life. Our team of highly skilled professionals, infused with our founder's West End theatre background, have the expertise, creativity and resources to help activate your project.

Drawing on our unique blend of practical construction knowledge and artistic vision, we transform spaces to help our partners create unforgettable experiences. From planning to execution, we work closely with our clients to ensure a seamless activation process that combines practical solutions with creative flair.

We cater to a wide range of activation projects including:

Ø Building Activations: Transform vacant or underutilised spaces into vibrant, engaging and interactive environments, tailored to your needs and brand identity.

Ø Live Events: Bring your events to life with captivating installations, drawing on our West End theatre connections and expertise.

Ø Immersive Theatre/Events: We are on hand from Design to Build to install any necessary pre artistic back of house/front of house areas. Construction ranges from foundations, dressing rooms, shower rooms, hospitality & retail areas.

Ø Pop-up installations: Design and execute temporary installations that grab attention, generate buzz, and leave a lasting impression on your audience

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We understand the unique challenges faced by corporate and commercial clients.

Our comprehensive range of services are designed to address your retail & hospitality installations, maintenance, office refits, and contracting needs, providing unparalleled support and expertise. We work with a diverse range of sectors including:

Ø Retail: Create visually appealing and functional retail spaces that draw customers in and enhance their shopping experience.

Ø Hospitality: Design and execute captivating dining and entertainment environments, incorporating innovative design elements and practical construction solutions.

Ø Education: Develop inspiring and functional educational spaces that foster learning, collaboration and creativity.

Ø Hotel and leisure: Create luxurious, comfortable, and inviting spaces that cater to the needs of your guests while showcasing your brand's unique identity.

Whether you need routine maintenance or a complete office overhaul, our team is ready to help you create a space that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our theatrical touch and commitment to quality ensure that your commercial projects stand out and leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

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Our skilled team is committed to delivering outstanding results whilst adding a touch of artistic vision.

Our domestic services include:

Ø Electrics: Safe and reliable electrical services, including installations, repairs, and upgrades, performed by our qualified professionals.

Ø Joinery: Expert craftsmanship to create stunning custom cabinetry, furniture, and other woodwork that combines functionality with artistic design.

Ø Painting and Decorating: Transform your home with beautiful and unique paint finishes, wallpapers, and decorative elements that reflect your personal style.

Ø Plastering: Smooth and flawless plasterwork, providing the perfect canvas for your creative interior design ideas.

Ø Plumbing: Efficient and professional plumbing services, from fixing leaks and installing fixtures to complete plumbing system overhauls.

At West End Trades Group, we understand that your home is a reflection of your personality and style. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your needs while adding a touch of creativity and originality.

Contact us today to discuss your domestic project and discover how our theatrical touch can enhance your living space.

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